The 3 big 2015 network marketing trick captive consumers

The value of

enterprise network marketing is to win the hearts of people. The increase of the turnover rate of the enterprise is endless, only the continuous network marketing, in order to bring more customers for the enterprise, to create value for the enterprise. Once the network marketing capture the hearts of consumers, it is not temporary, not like drugs and alcohol brought about by the short-term stimulus, but far beyond the scope of sales staff, is related to long-term benefits.

a lot of people do network marketing, always make the simple work complex: catch up with the trend, create popular words, by the temptation of fame. Although this is a trendy, afraid to miss the time, people addicted to watch, like the number of clicks, and share, but to win the hearts of life is the mission of enterprise network marketing, in the long run, don’t forget the following 3 things:

1, the product is king

enterprises to some extent, to the product is king. There is a saying "good marketing can quickly offset inferior products, in fact, not necessarily, now is not so much because of inferior products, all products are basically the same production based on research on the production, circulation in the same supply chain, take the same distribution model, customer relationship management and cost accounting software, product packaging also follow the same focus group through the program.

only excellent experience in line with consumer demand design, in order to win the hearts of people. From the product to the packaging to the customer experience, good design if applied to all stages of the product experience and can become a powerful weapon to win the hearts of the people.

2, with "real" as the core, not to fish

"true" is the true embodiment of their value, in order to obtain a breakthrough. "Reality" is bad for the "collapse" of the masses, and the same is true of "we can make your business famous.". If the collapse of the public can make the enterprise can be successful, this method is also very convenient to operate. But not the collapse and reputation as the ultimate goal, which should only be useful in a one-time deployment, such as value sharing, further related to the establishment of a general association.

in fact, the "real" this thing is very boring, such as selling mutton string, with a loud hissing sound smoked attractive than the food itself is easier to attract people. But from a long-term perspective, it is like the mutton string itself.

3, Qucuqujing, finding faith

companies to establish a belief system, to find a way to engage in a sincere, associated with the language of the need to find someone to write these languages. Sincere expression of value to attract people, rather than a series of value expression. Every company says they believe in "putting customer needs first.". Sounds like Google, but Google has its own belief system.

in fact, companies do network marketing is like doing the most popular children in the family. Each family has such a person, he is more people’s love, to the whole

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