Hohhot clean electric tricycle courier industry is facing.

"financial" report (reporter Xu Xiaotong) October 16, 2015, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hohhot began a thorough investigation of all types of illegal operation of electric tricycle. The Post Courier unlicensed tricycle was cleared in the list, the introduction of this policy to Hohhot express industry lost delivery tool, face paralysis crisis. "Double eleven" is approaching, the face of the upcoming peak express, Hohhot government has not yet introduced any settlement policy.

The person responsible for the delivery of a

in Hohhot said that since October 16th the implementation of the policy, electric tricycle courier all once on the road will be the traffic police seized.

Hohhot express company then switch to electric motorcycle delivery, but in November 2nd, Hohhot government once again came the news that the two wheel electric vehicle has also been banned as "electric vehicle weight 40 kilograms, more than 20 kilometers per hour are not allowed on the road".

said the person in charge of the city’s express industry has about 2000 electric tricycle.

the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Post Bureau official said, so far, the city of Hohhot has seized about more than and 500 units of electric tricycle courier, more than and 100 car Express electric two wheelers.


in Hohhot city official said one day a volume of about 400 thousand, double eleven peak of up to 750 thousand. He said that at present the city express industry can only rely on the bicycle delivery, while launching the administration and marketing staff even sent to relatives and friends, but these measures can not alleviate the electric vehicles banned after the backlog status.

therefore, courier companies had to reflect the government of hohhot. But the city did not relax clean-up policy, just reply that can work at half past seven in the evening after the traffic police, traffic police at half past seven in the morning before going to work for electric vehicle distribution. The person in charge said that this is not feasible, courier also want to rest, but the unit can not send a lot of work to send, coupled with the evening home delivery to send parts and recipients have security risks."

of the autonomous region postal authority responsible person, insist on the introduction of this policy from the government of hohhot.

ban car policy, the relevant reports said the move was to "from the source to prevent and curb the occurrence of serious traffic accidents, improve the capital city image, improve the urban traffic environment". The city of Hohhot has created a civilized city, health city for many years.

the postal authority responsible person said, Hohhot government introduced this policy and not through research, lack of competent authorities and to seek the opinions of the enterprises. Cleaning is possible, but to take into account the actual situation of the industry, at least to set up a buffer period, and gradually clean up, can not be like this simple and rough across the board." The responsible person, the autonomous region postal service has been to the municipal government, autonomous region government submitted the two levels of government departments, "the government of the autonomous region has led group of views, but there is no government Hohhot positivefeedback, and two in front of eleven.


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