Because of the Sichuan earthquake in Wenchuan to remove the unscrupulous GG advertising

5.19-5.21 is a national day of mourning, the website station into black, looked at the way the earthquake released a proposal on your own website, found the GG advertisement display is actually a donation account, make people feel very confused anger, state and national people are working when the people in the disaster areas donations, some unscrupulous people are using the national fortune, a person is unable to stop these unscrupulous people, I can do is not to let the ads displayed on my website, so in some reports of the earthquake in my GG ads, let more people to donate money. To the right place, hope the people of disaster areas as soon as possible out of the earthquake,

to rebuild their homes as soon as possible!

if your website also appears this kind of advertisement, also please take out!

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