Sina developer conference held in Beijing, micro-blog will launch an independent domain name

webmaster news: November 16th morning, sponsored by Sina micro-blog Chinese first micro-blog developer conference held in Beijing, the conference around "in the future, you open the" theme, in-depth discussion of the open platform for mobile Internet era micro-blog business prospects. The meeting will start at 10 a.m.. General assembly to the future, opened by you "as the theme, the elite technology development is the most dynamic and creative ability, to explore innovative applications of micro-blog open platform, analysis of development trend of the whole industry and opportunities. Guests are Li Kaifu, Cai Wensheng, Shen Napeng, Hu Yanping and others, and will deliver a keynote speech.

micro-blog Sina ( for the first time a comprehensive interpretation of the open concept of micro-blog platform. CEO and President Cao Guowei Sina said that from the beginning of the birth of micro-blog Sina, will unswervingly adhere to the principle of openness. Open and win-win development of the Internet is not only a long-term trend, it should be the common spirit of China’s Internet industry.

driven by the concept of open and win-win, Sina micro-blog has now brought together more than 10000 cooperation sites, a number of mature applications have also been recognized by the user. As the absolute leader of the micro-blog industry, Sina micro-blog’s real goal is to build a sound platform for the development of micro-blog platform around the micro-blog ecosystem.



Sina CEO Cao Guowei delivered a speech


Sina vice president Peng Shaobin delivered a speech




Innovation workshop Li Kaifu delivered a speech


Internet investor Cai Wensheng delivered a speech

For the first time in the field of micro-blog

technology feast industry, Sina and Sequoia Capital, IDG capital, innovation works, Yun Feng fund, Dfj’s top five investment institutions, officially launched a micro-blog developer innovation fund Chinese, scale of 200 million yuan, which is also the first specifically for micro-blog application development fund. Sina vice president Peng Shaobin said in a speech: "we are from last August 28th open beta, which marks the Chinese micro-blog officially departed, that not many people are optimistic about the market, but micro-blog China opened the door first. When the outside world are questioned and on the sidelines of the time, the rapid growth of sina micro-blog. Sixty-sixth days after the beta, Sina micro-blog has 100th million users. Up to now, Sina micro-blog users over 50 million. According to this calculation, from this year 4>

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