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technology news April 2nd afternoon news, IT education and training institutions of the technology will be on the night of April 3rd on the Nasdaq, ticker symbol TEDU, issue price range of $8-10, a total of 17595000 shares issued, according to the upper end of the range operator will finance 115 million, worth about 500 million dollars.

IT Chinese in recent years the rapid development of the Internet industry, the company has a strong demand for IT talent, especially with the arrival of the mobile Internet wave, and the Internet industry continue to penetrate traditional industries, but the talent will gradually expand.

technology is in such a field. According to the IDC report, Dahne is the largest IT training institutions, the market share reached 8.3%. The technology is not only the first in 2014 to visit the U.S. capital markets Chinese company, is China occupation training industry’s first listed company.

According to the

I stocks Asset Management Co. founder, director of investment clock Rixin analysis of the business model is very simple, is the "admissions – Training – employment, the orientation of" occupation education and human services ", occupation education is given to students, talent service is facing by enterprises.

Danet is a concrete way, recruit students, skill training for students, occupation planning, employment guidance, and organize enterprises to recruit teaching centers, to recommend to the business people, students find a job last business to recruit staff, Danet from service charge students this side.

Zhong Rixin said that in the end enrollment, Danet college located pan IT training market, with the first installment payment of employment mode; training session, Danet adopted the "O2O hybrid teaching mode remote video teaching + offline physical learning, the teachers in Beijing, using remote video teaching mode of physical teaching the center of curriculum simultaneously all over the country; employment link, Danet and thousands of businesses to achieve cooperation, delivering Danet training talents to enterprises.

this pattern has brought great gains to the data shows, 2011-2013 net revenue CAGR of 88.9%. Specific data are: 2013 revenue of $92 million 834 thousand, an increase of 63.38%, net profit of $14 million 40 thousand, an increase of 47%. In 2011 and 2012, the technology of revenues were $25 million 740 thousand and $56 million 820 thousand, net profit of $700 thousand and $9 million 550 thousand respectively.

But there is still a risk of

, the clock day Xin said the risk was within that natural defects IT training, funnel-shaped business model resulted in users of natural wastage, customer acquisition costs are relatively high, to see whether the brand to do make up for the defect.

At the same time

IT training industry is cyclical risk, although the IT industry is currently out of the high growth period of prosperity, but once the industry adjustment, the anti risk ability of weak cyclical industry


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