Legal experts say the domain name information will not hurt the interests of the original holder

Beijing, March 15, due to the false information provided by the domain name, the domain name will be able to be transferred at any time, write off, delete the legal risk. Chinese legal experts remind today, domain name false information has become the largest holder of the original "Curse of the loss of the right of domain name".

According to

Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and the Hongkong International Arbitration Center information, in recent years, the two arbitration institution has accepted thousands of.COM,.NET, CN, domain name disputes, a total of 434 cases as a result of "the disputed domain name from the original holder at the ruling transfer", among them, 301 cases were complaints person (the original holder of the domain name registration) provides false information to the case hearing, the domain name is considered more malicious registration to be convicted of transfer. In other words, the domain name information is not real arbitration losing rate of nearly 70%.

China University of Political Science and Law intellectual property law authorities said, more and more well-known enterprises have to seize the "characteristics of fast, domain name domain name dispute case false information losing rate high, tend to get the domain name through arbitration means, not only to take the domain name transaction mode, it can be said that the domain name of false information has become the biggest" Curse "the original holder of domain name rights loss, this phenomenon must attach great importance to the domain name holder.

According to

ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers) of the regulations, the domain name holder must ensure that all information is true, accurate, if the domain name holder refuses to update registration information or provide false information for domain name registration, domain name registrar may cancel. "China Internet domain name management approach" also provides that the domain name registration information is not true, inaccurate, incomplete, the Registrar should cancel the domain name.

experts said, the domain name registration information is true, accurate, complete with the effectiveness of public letter. The domain name registration information is true and accurate is not only based on the domain name holder holds legitimate domain name, judgment is the third person or social screening specific domain name rights, is a prerequisite for the domain name rights protected by law.

The ruling

statistics two arbitration institutions that, once the domain name holder provides false information, the equivalent form gave up its two core rights, will enable the domain name into "legal risk can be transferred at any time, cancel, delete". End

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