Entrepreneurship, will do a communication site

      I really want to talk about my work, on the one hand, we are very concerned about, on the other hand suddenly out of some rumors, and not necessarily accurate, let me say it is not, do not say it is not. Yesterday, I went to the "mobile phone magazine" to chat, and today there are news out, I think I still talk about their own good.

      first talk about the network, at the beginning of March going to the net, but also want to enter a career, as a partner, the two leaders and network communication is very good, I think they are still on my identity. But unfortunately, I’m going to join the network, Juan Zi is just found metastasis, surgery two times, I can only accompany Juan Zi in the hospital, then I do not know how long Juan Zi will drag, I also can’t ignore Juan Zi to go to work, but for a new company in the development, an important long-term partner this work is not in place, to have a very big impact. In view of this situation, I put forward from the net, then two CEOs also give my holiday, but I think this kind of situation, the network is very negative, to tell the truth, this time I have some scholars falsely, don’t want to owe. So I insisted on getting out.

      after the death of Juan Zi, the network also hope I can go back, but I’ve had quit the board of directors, the board of directors and soon after that I come back, and only experienced the death of Juan Zi, the stage, my heart is very light, or give up the net this excellent platform. But I am still network consultant, not nominal, it is seriously involved in that, there is a little bit of economic relations.

      this time, I was unemployed, in addition to speak lectures, I also help friends to do something, for example, yesterday and "mobile phone magazine" set, and their publisher, I still want to experience for the media, but I have always wanted to do a mobile phone media just at that time, subject to various restrictions, do not do it, now I can put my thoughts and experience sharing, and a group of young friends, this is not very good. But my role or guidance, not to go to work every day, so it is joined, there is a little different.

      and a friend to do public relations, and I also want to a job, of course, I understand some relevant management experience and also can be used, and I don’t go to office, nor join.

      long term development, I really want to do a communication website basically. Media to do now, the disadvantages of paper has been very obvious, and many of my colleagues have heard me blowing, the Internet is the first to break the industry media. The Internet shows a powerful, strong service capabilities, greatly enhance the value of the media. Before the Internet did not do a good job, it is not the main effort to do the content, do service, the industry is still full of the network after the <

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