Shanghai 1 million purchase of domain name spelling


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news September 6th, Wang Feng in Shanghai today for the first time in its opening of the new Tencent micro-blog in Shanghai spend millions of RMB from the United States to repurchase is spelt digital domain name domain name instead of before, this is in February this year after the mall and Jingdong repurchase Pinyin domain regression.


query that 97 years has been registered, has been held in America, through the communication and Wang Feng of Shanghai, the domain name has been officially acquired and returned to the successful transfer, their domain name will be officially opened recently.

Pinyin domain in digital domain by minon hot, no love, but easy to be bigger and the terminal phase, Weibo and Jingdong to impress us and the return of, will set off a new round of upsurge of

domain name?

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