Some opinions and suggestions on the operation of the Forum

management of the forum may have a feeling of the Webmaster: the forum is more difficult than the operation of the site can be visited by the search engine, and the essence of the forum in the popularity of.

first forum operators will make a people easy mistake: Forum contains the content is too broad. This will eventually lead to the contents of the forum to " but not " Guangzhou; direction. No one is willing to stay a waste of time in all aspects of half pot forums, many choices in the network, you may accidentally lost a user (user is God). Results it is the forum just shortly after the birth died. Not to mention the development faces. (in my opinion, may not be so serious) so that the first few blocks less open version, 35 is enough so, the forum fixed members, stable, and then add the appropriate.

too lateThe new

forum on-line access number must consider rarely, so visitors feel. Their best always online, so look lively, let visitors feel not so lonely. What do people do love tie a pile, must do a good job of this kind of psychological.


the name of the forum is also very important, and the best forum related content words, so you can let others in many forums a heap to see it, remember it. Because in the network, and the same type of forum you don’t know how many! In the network competition is fierce and.

say that an important part of the Forum: (Moderator). Choose the owner a good owner, can lead to a section of the activity, forum site fire up, afraid of bad business forum? So your role directly affect the development of this forum, even if you are seldom online rarely, hair post, not to mention the other members of the so Forum: webmaster, recommendations carefully choose your choice is the choice of bamboo bamboo! The future of the forum


may be said to be incomplete, but also very confused, please forgive! Welcome to add supplements to study together to discuss!

Author: the first one please indicate the source China unique forum

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