Site must make money to play smart

why do I say that the site must be smart to make money? The reason is very simple, do not play smart you can not earn money. I IP about one thousand of the station, it is through such a small smart also earned a lot. Maybe some webmaster can not help but smile, the heart must be thinking: Hey, about one thousand of the station can only play a few blows, fur!

!I think we should through the examples and prove my

today, if you feel right on Admin5 leave a comment of praise. Do not agree with the words, please pat me, let me make money from the top of the mind is calm. If it’s not exciting, I don’t want to reveal how good it is. So today you can see this article friends are very lucky.

entered, my site is QQ expression in network. The station was a little failure, made only about 1000 N long IP. It is a conspicuous! There’s something really discredited in the face of elders feeling. Day visit IP screenshot is as follows:


such a half year performance is really a bit pathetic, but the good news is that my QQ League daily gains of 200 yuan rmb. Screenshots are as follows:


did not see! More than 1 thousand points of the IP actually have 300~400 clicks and nearly 10% reservation rate. It’s incredible! First of all, I’m not cheating!

must want to know the way, hey hey. Well, good people do in the end I selfless offer. In fact, do QQ union advertising must pay attention to some small smart.

we look at the page. ??? I told you to watch the mailer expression, please see below the location of advertisement pictures. Related pictures are as follows:


this advertising picture is not provided by Tencent oh. Yeah, some of the owners are smart. A look to know is my own modified advertising pictures. Where the picture is attached to here for a detailed booking page.

understand or do QQ alliance friends must know, QQ alliance provides more than QQ business. As long as the general application will be passed. Although some website traffic is very large, but the netizen that clicks and Book advertisement is too little. If you don’t sell yourself with a little smart, it’s hard to gain the trust of consumers. So, when I put my site advertised as Tencent official business agent, as many users as long as there is demand, he did not hesitate to book the relevant business. So I can also pass the website around 1000IP >

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