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on the evening of April 13th, hanging the appetite of the industry, the 2016 music as ecological sharing night party in the National Tennis Center Diamond stadium officially kicked off.

since March 27th, "IT leaders summit", the ecological LETV CEO Jia Yueting personally invited Robin Li, Ma Huateng, Yang Yuanqingsan attended the April 13th Festival chiefs share, this party is highly anticipated. Nearly one hundred stars in the field, let the theme of "transnational anti party scene, the bright starlight ride change" at the same time, also ushered in another major highlight of the Carnival: join the music as ecological family car is easy to provide seamless super car service for hundreds of stars at and from the airport to the red carpet, to provide the most professional and private security transfer support.

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in fact, from the beginning of March 30th, LETV completely ignited the "April madness ecological season" storm, first in the April 6th super membership day sounded ecological chongfenghao, followed by 413 "night caused a sensation of the sharing of ecological". At present, as the "platform + content + terminal + application vertical ecological, and content, big screen, mobile phone, TV, cars, sports, Internet Financial 7 sub ecological architecture gradually mature, and began to extend the lateral open ecosystem.

of course, the "transnational anti control, change" as the theme of the activities, in addition to music as their ecological seven son, in addition to have enough users and need vast amounts of content, of course, professional service. As the festival of the designated car partner, easy to car, during the festival began, hundreds of car at the entrance of the stadium is fully equipped for, is not only to provide luxury car service for the scene from the airport to the red carpet star, to achieve seamless connection at the same time, more is to provide quality services for the car to nearly 10000 guests with the audience.

this event, we can see Li Yuchun, including Ruby Lin, Hawick Lau, Park Hae Jin, Huang and other columns by hundreds of Chinese and foreign guest stars easy to enter the red carpet area car ride. "Roll out the ecological million award, second life winner tonight! Good car, elite choice, choose a car easy to do." Host He Jiong, Liu Yuxi made sure to easy, also easy to not only provide limousine service to the venue of thousands of guests and the audience, and at the end of the evening is to increase the supply of vehicles, to ensure that everyone can sit on the bus to go home. Thanks to the experience of the stars and the audience, it is bound to make it easier to set up a more professional and high-end car safety and brand image.

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as specified in the special ceremony to provide 000 service, it is not hard to find: different from other car by burn staking, as the pioneer car field, easy to car since its inception, will be based on the quality, to provide users with more convenient travel services, high-quality, high-quality driver the passenger vehicle is the outside world for high-quality, easy to car service has always been.

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