Chu orange marketing do Life had to rely on O2O bigger valuation

May 29th news, the latest was informed that fresh electricity supplier had to live into the line to O2O home service to promote brand operation and diversification of commodity trading scene.

we have noticed that the original life of O2O products called original convenience, currently operating independently of the WeChat public account. This account of the operator is the convenient Beijing poly Technology Co. Ltd., the legal representative and the operation of the main life in Beijing had workshop technology Ltd. is a per capita, originally life network co-founder Jia ming.


do have convenient things soon confirmed originally life network of internal staff, it really was living independently of the O2O project, but also belongs to the test stage, the service radius only covers Beijing area within the city of victoria.

is not intended to go to the country to access the line, but there are selected North, on the broad, deep tier cities, consumers have a relatively high awareness of the original brand of life. Next year will expand to more second tier cities." The source said that Beijing as a single test of the city, mainly in the observation of the use of scenarios and push the team. Some executives are also involved.

from the product logic and business model, was close to home, love the convenience of Jingdong Xianfeng and Dmall, geographically based, through the mobile terminal, to provide the surrounding food, fresh, food products such as door-to-door delivery service to consumers.


near China World Trade Center, for example, was convenient in addition to fresh, also provide breakfast, afternoon tea, supper and other FMCG food. These goods come from and full of 59 yuan free delivery fee, but the delivery speed is guaranteed within less than 30 minutes, is currently the number of services to provide the convenience of the surrounding delivery of the fastest aging.

from the source, in addition to original life original product system, originally convenience is the integration of the line of convenience stores, fruit shops, property and other entities stalls, using its own logistics and social capacity combination, to achieve the O2O landing.


electricity supplier does not necessarily mean to go to the O2O shop, but landing more physical, social, closer to the consumer, making more physical connection points." A life insiders told billion state power network, the integration of resources under the line is convenient O2O main way, rather than to develop "was living" brand store.

similarly, the connection between consumers and electricity supplier platform is not just express, but more physical store staff. The source explained that the original convenience, in addition to the owner to share information on goods inventory, while their delivery, to ensure efficient operation.

O2O home service is set off a boom. In addition to the rise of the domestic Jingdong to come home, love fresh bees, Amazon also through its powerful logistics system Amazon >

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