Qihoo 360 sued the Tencent of sentencing 360 of all requests rejected


technology news March 28th morning news, Qihoo 360 v. Tencent Inc abuse of market dominance disputes case sentencing today. Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s court dismissed all claims of the Qihoo 360, the litigation costs 790 thousand yuan by 360 bear. 360 on behalf of lawyers, said the company will seek advice and then decide whether to appeal.

Tencent and 360 of the dispute has triggered a national Internet users concerned, known as the 3Q war". In September 2010, the Qihoo launched 360 "privacy protection" is a violation of user privacy monitoring Tencent qq. November 2010, Tencent issued an open letter to QQ users, asking users to choose between two QQ software and only one of the 360 software, which led to the contradiction between the two companies open.

then, Qihoo 360 Tencent that this alleged unfair competition, the Qihoo 360 to court, asking them to stop infringement, and claims 125 million yuan of economic losses. The 360 followed by the abuse of market dominance on the grounds of prosecution Tencent, and claims $150 million.

Each claim 125 million yuan 150 million yuan and the Tencent

Qihoo 360, has also become the history of the Internet China lawsuit between the two companies involved the largest amount of.

last April 18th, the first hearing in the high court of Guangdong province Qihoo 360 sued the Tencent of abuse of market dominance litigation. Qihoo 360 requested the court to order the Tencent Inc to immediately stop the abuse of market position, the user may not stop the implementation of QQ software and the plaintiff transaction and tied tying behavior.

Qihoo 360 said the Tencent in the "3Q war" during the abuse of instant messaging tools QQ 360 software market dominance, forced users to uninstall installed, is a monopoly. To this end, the Qihoo 360 to the Tencent claims 150 million yuan, and a public apology. Tencent requested the court dismissed all claims 360.

5 months after

, the Tencent sued Qihoo 360 lawsuit has also been progress. In September 18, 2012, Tencent Inc v. Qihoo 360 buttoned bodyguards unfair competition case in the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s court.

Tencent believes 360 launch of the "360 buttoned bodyguards" belong to unfair competition, the software reduces the value-added service trades of Tencent and advertising revenue, has brought huge losses to the 360, thus to claim 125 million yuan. The Qihoo 360 countered that advertising is a common way of shielding industry.

The case is not in court sentenced

. Up to now, the court did not announce the specific sentencing date. (Luo Liang)

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