Lawyers and sophomore girls apply for the Ministry of Railways open 12306 tender information

original title: lawyers apply for the Ministry of Railways open 12306 tender information


19 may be booked on the first day of golden week (day 30) tickets. But users found that the 12306 site is still difficult to log on.

application for information disclosure, including the tender quality of the enterprise, the site delivery acceptance criteria, etc., has not yet received the Ministry of Railways to respond to

Beijing News reporter’s huge investment in the Ministry of railways, the recent emergence of 12306 ticketing website login difficult, difficult to buy tickets, causing questions. Yesterday, Beijing well-known human rights lawyer Dong Zhengwei sent a letter to the Ministry of Railways by registered letter, for application for public information website construction, all 12306 design and bidding process, to let the public enjoy the right to know in order to use the expansion of capital supervision.

response can not lift public doubts

in the mail to the Ministry of railways, the government information disclosure application, Dong Zhengwei made it clear that: the request to open the 12306 website design services bidding process information".

this month, when the public are not satisfied with the 12306 website, Taiji Computer Corp announced that the company participated in the Chinese Ministry of Railways "a new generation of ticket system project" of public bidding, the bid has been officially confirmed. The first generation of a new generation of ticket system project, the amount of 199 million yuan bid.

the announcement raised questions about the public and the media. Some media found that 199 million yuan is not the total price of the project, another listed company to get another $130 million contract. Some media quoted a source saying that the construction cost of the general ticket system is not more than 30 million yuan.

Dong Zhengwei said that the Ministry of railways had responded to the construction of the site to meet the requirements of the bidding procedures, this is too simple, there is no doubt that the lifting of the public".

shall disclose all tendering procedures

Dong Zhengwei said, the railway transport enterprise as a public service, monopoly enterprises, the construction site is also exists serious corruption? Therefore, the Ministry of railways shall information open the web site all bidding process, in order to quell doubts.

he wants to know all the information through public information, 12306 website construction and bidding process, including bidding information distribution scope, how many enterprises to participate in the bidding, the qualifications of enterprises, the enterprises involved in the bidding scheme, the evaluation process, bid, website design, construction and operation of the total cost, site delivery acceptance standard in order to ensure the public’s right to know.

has not received the Ministry of Railways to respond to

yesterday, the reporter sent a letter to Beijing lawyer Ministry of Railways tender for the public network system, ask the Ministry of Railways publicity department, but as of press time, the other has missed calls, the reporter sent a message to the propaganda department who has not received.

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