Ylmf launched high imitation Windows operating system based on XP.com


Ylmf OS operating system interface

NetEase Francisco December 24th evening news, ylmf studio after announced the dissolution of a year, our team released the official "Ylmf OS" open source operating system on Christmas eve. Tellingly, ylmf operating system interface and Windows XP are very similar. In addition, the official confirmed earlier at a cost of $100 thousand for the purchase of XP.com domain name, may be used for the open source operating system issued publicity. As of press time, the domain name has been pointing to XP.com ylmf operating system release page www.ylmf.org.

for the first anniversary of the occasion of the dissolution in the studio released operating system, ylmf official said publicly that "Ylmf OS" is the first anniversary of the dissolution of the special commemorative ylmf studio, intended to show the core concept of inheritance and transformation, and enhance the interaction between product and users. Notice that the "time is gone, but the wind will uphold the original studio of the struggle and struggle spirit, continue to contribute to the revitalization of the national software industry! We believe that through the efforts, Linux open source system can also be made and Windows as color, give the user a choice."

official said, "Ylmf OS" is not only a system interface default fine imitation XP theme, the system also integrated OpenOffice office suite, Firefox browser, QQ instant messaging, Linux online film platform can meet lots of essential software for domestic users for daily use, the user basic application under the Windows platform can run well in this operating system, but also has a very good user experience. So far, Ylmf OS is the closest Windows XP open source operating system, even the operating habits are no difference." Ylmf operating system developers said.

In addition to the

system interface fine imitation XP theme, for September this year through the specific use of "Chinese heavily in the acquisition of XP.com domain again caused the industry speculation. Ylmf officially confirmed, XP.com will be considered for the open source operating system release publicity. Perhaps Microsoft did not expect for studio in a year after the dissolution, the official return to the operating system and for the formal open to open source Linux.

ylmf company responsible Lai Linfeng told the NetEase of science and technology, "Ylmf OS" system is involved in open source projects after full support for the highlight of the future will be as one of the long-term strategic project for the existing operating system and other charges will continue to release an updated version, will also provide technical solutions for the integration of enterprise cooperation, and its extension to the last entity project.

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