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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 10th news, the giant network announced yesterday, Shi Yuzhu resigned as a personal reason for CEO, the resolution will take effect in April 19, 2013. However, Shi Yuzhu will continue to retain the position of chairman of the board of directors of its giant network. The board will then announce the appointment of the new CEO in April 19th.

from the poor and blank of young entrepreneurs, the country ranked eighth billionaires, to two hundred million yuan of debt "poor people", and then to a net worth of billions of dollars of the capitalists, Shi Yuzhu played a big comeback, remarkable performance.

In April 9th

new product "giant network Xian Xia world" beta release, Shi Yuzhu officially announced, will resign from the CEO in April 19th "Xian Xia world" beta, as chairman. This is not a difficult decision, the giant has not been responsible for specific affairs, retirement does not affect the operation of the giant.

chose such a time node to release such heavy news also consistent with Shi Yuzhu’s style. "Immortal man world" is the giant network in 2013, the strategic level of work, the giant in its body poured out of energy is not inferior to its old works are also the main source of the journey. The timing of the announcement of the resignation of the special, or for its game, the world of immortals play the last scrap of marketing. Shi Yuzhu admitted at a news conference: the heart is still worried about the original, but now do not care about."

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Internet is reserved for young people

Shi Yuzhu announced his retirement at the time of the use of a sound quite familiar with the view of the Internet to young people. This is also an old friend of Shi Yuzhu, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba, often on the tip of the mouth of the word, Shi Yuzhu shy to admit that this is the point of view of his indoctrination to him, Ma Yun, Ma Yun.

the core of this view is that to a certain age must be put out of the manager’s position, otherwise the company’s development is not good. "To my age, thinking has been fixed, Lai in this position is very irresponsible for the company." Shi Yuzhu said.

is actually 3 years ago, Shi Yuzhu has been relegated to second tier, but he admitted that although management has authorized it, but did not really "retired, two of them care, the first is" Journey 2 ", the second is on April 19th beta" Xian Xia world ".

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successor conjecture

Shi Yuzhu said, firmly opposed to airborne management to the giants, in addition to CFO professionals, such as CEO, President, etc.

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