The central bank confirmed that due to the purchase of illegal operations caused by capital chain ru

central bank confirmed that due to the purchase of illegal operations caused by funding strand breaks not foot

[TechWeb] reported on January 7th news, according to the "Shanghai Chang purchase official foreign investment losses, resulting in capital chain problems, eventually run away down the company" rumors, the third party payment industry regulation of the people’s Bank of the response. Shanghai headquarters of the people’s Bank of China said that in the early days of the purchase of the company’s administrative law enforcement inspection, found that there are serious problems caused by illegal turnover of funds. Chang can not be completed in time for the settlement of funds for special merchants, affecting the normal consumption of the majority of cardholders.

people’s Bank of Shanghai headquarters also said that the current purchase of the company is still operating, the company responsible for normal work. A part of the business has been restored to accept free card purchase, but the number is not much, the cardholder does not feel convenient. Is in conjunction with the relevant departments to supervise the purchase of the company, think of ways to provide more convenient conditions for the cardholder. At the same time, there are special requirements of the cardholder, the company to do a good job in the registration of information to facilitate subsequent processing.

Shanghai Chang purchase enterprise services Co. Ltd. was founded in 2006 in Shanghai, the shareholders of Shanghai Hao fiber computer system engineering Co. Ltd. and two natural person, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. In 2011, Chang purchased the company issued by the Bank of the prepaid card issuance and acceptance of business license, business coverage for the Shanghai City, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang province; in 2014, the company won the purchase of free internet payment license, the scope of the prepaid card industry exhibition increased between Anhui province and Shandong province.

currently, the official website of the free purchase announcement: "our company is to check and repair the system failure, since December 22nd will resume merchant acceptance free card."

it is understood that the central bank on the one hand is working with the relevant departments to fully recourse to the whereabouts of the funds, the preservation of assets; on the one hand, but also to urge the company to buy the responsible person to raise funds, revitalize the assets, to restore business settlement. The central bank said it would clear the situation after a comprehensive investigation to determine the specific disposal measures will be announced in a timely manner. (Ming Yu)

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