The exchange of resources the last winter jacket of small owners

with the further deterioration of the financial crisis, our small owners increasingly feel cold, before some traffic sites can earn some advertising, but as the crisis intensified, many enterprises in the network advertising budget cuts, website traffic has become worthless, no other ways to earn a small website, yet it is not easy to maintain the status quo on the basis of the existing, further development even more feel powerless, so many owners in the group shouted: winter is coming, spring is still far away, how do we adhere to


asked this question, naturally, will lead to the following questions: what is the core development of our most basic site? We really need cash to survive? The current economic downturn in the climate, how should we explore the potential resources allocation? How to further expand the influence of our baby before answering these? There is a problem, I think everybody to understand, it is only for the site to provide the user value, the website can survive and develop. Different sites have different values, or provide data, or provide network applications, in short, each site has its own point of entry in the early construction and positioning. After this, we can be targeted to explore and configure our (potential) resources.

in an effort to explore potential resources of this, my attention for a long time Aibao Mommy nets do very well, in the paper, I will use the station as an example, some specific operation method.

explore potential resource use, first to analyze all of our stakeholders, mainly is stakeholders, who can cooperate with each other, the stakeholder win-win.

as the maternal parenting community, Aibao Mommy nets are nothing more than stakeholders who provide baby products, baby memory products, children’s books, early childhood services fetal education and manufacturer or institution may form of cooperation is divided into online or offline. Since it is a resource swap cooperation, we must first understand their own resources. After analysis, the main users of Aibao Mommy nets for 25 to 35 years old young mother, these users are mostly in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shandong and other places. Because the clear positioning, Aibao Mommy nets Aibo village forum is very early formed with maternal parenting topic based, with a strong flavor of life in the community, active members, rich topic is a significant feature of the community. In these circumstances, after evaluation, selection of positive stakeholders in a suitable network — blessed Aibao Mommy nets during the 2 anniversary of "cooperative online resource exchange". Blessed nets have what resources? Blessed is a network to provide online printing services company, its main services include making baby baby album / calendar / calendar, card and so on, in the industry is a very good business, at the same time she Aibao Mommy nets mothers also has a very good reputation, two the site has a fit, very good in this field for this baby mother, CO created "

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