Network marketing team management exclusive cheats

today, any enterprise cannot do without the Internet promotion, in order to achieve their own products and brands on the Internet in positive word-of-mouth and brand coverage, enterprise self promotion team or will be extended to the outsourcing company operation, resulting in a different problem:

self promotion team

* low efficiency

needs at least half a day of time to query whether the promotion information is deleted, whether there is a collection of

needs at least 1 weeks a week to find out whether the keyword ranking has its own product brand

needs at least 1 weeks to analyze and compare the results of the promotion, the development of the next month’s promotion plan

needs at least half a day to check the number of team members and the quality of the team is up to

* workflow disorder


team personnel, the time node is not good control, resulting in delayed


history to promote information, promotional materials to retain improper, after the transfer of personnel prone to duplication of labor

* expense large

do not know which channels to promote good results, spend money to do the test

a promotion commissioner can only promote information 2000 / month or so, the effect is unknown, personnel expenditure of at least 3000 yuan per person / month

is still difficult to promote the use of channels or outsourcing, but also a cost, but also to check the effect of

promotion outsourcing

* outsourcing work monitoring and performance evaluation takes a lot of time

* do not even know how to assess the effectiveness of outsourcing work, money spent, no effect

* expense large

do not know which channels to promote good results, spend money to do the test

full outsourcing work months are spent at least 20 thousand yuan

recommends the use of cloud claw network management system to promote the analysis of sub account collaborative management, automatic monitoring team performance, link data need not lead to. Automatic query link survival, included, rankings, generate data reports, automatically record the work of team members, generate performance KPI statements to solve all the problems.


manual inspection monitoring network promotion effect is the most troublesome thing, tedious, time-consuming and a lot of manpower, but also have to do! Of course can also use some network promotion platform operation, effect of query need to query the content is: on the promotion effect coverage, high weight brand promotion channels, promotion links included and with competitors, the following is to carefully explain the query different marketing effect how should go to the specific operation! 1, brand coverage query (check the company’s products in the network rankings): used to search each keywords >

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