Payment of the transfer of the license business quietly rising a piece of paper to sell 250 million

as of June 9, 2016, five years to pay the license validity period expires, Alipay, caifutong and 27 of the first third party payment agencies have "streaking" for more than a month. (Vision China / chart)

payment license business quietly rising

a piece of paper hundreds of millions of dollars

Southern Weekend reporter Huang Jinping

central bank stopped payment license, starting from the second half of 2015, to pay the transfer of a licence into a pile up of "shell sale". Retail, financial enterprises on payment of license requirements, and they pay tens of millions a year fee, rather than buy a licence to do their own, lower cost.

pure third party payment is not a good business to do, but it is essential to link ecosystem ecosystem. As the two largest players in the market, Tencent and Alibaba have formed a business model.

thin piece of printing paper, selling 250 million yuan -4.8 million price range, which is probably the most expensive paper today.

this paper is issued by the people’s Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as the central bank) to the payment of the enterprise "People’s Republic of China payment business license", also known as "payment license". May 2011 -2015 years in March, the central bank issued a total of 8 batches of a total of 270 payment license, subtract the revocation of the violation of the 3, there are currently on the market 267.

right now, it is the financial sector regulators to carry out risk investigation, rectification of the extraordinary period. In May 2, 2016, Alipay, China UnionPay and other 27 first batch of third party payment institution license valid for five years already, but the central bank has not given them "renewal". Meanwhile, the new license has been suspended for more than a year.

result is that from the beginning of the second half of 2015, the payment of the license transfer has become an unprecedented good business.

"shell king" of the new business

some companies eager to take the card (photo) admission, some have paid the license of the business is not good, it’s not even how to operate together.

Liu Qing is also remembered for his handling of the first payment license transaction scenario. He is a founding shareholder of Cci Capital Ltd, Shanghai Transcendentalism CEO, began operating in 2014 net investment wisdom "platform, mainly to do the new board, motherboard shell acquisitions, nicknamed the" king of the shell".

that was by the end of 2015, the interview is about a five star hotel in Beijing. Buyers drove a Rolls-Royce to the door, I walked into the belly, was full of energy, after the door is startled. He did not think the presence of a group of people, in addition to the parties, the remaining seven or eight are all intermediaries (brokers), the middle layer by layer, and finally through the Liu Qing platform, found the seller.

interview one afternoon after the sale. Liu Qing said, this one took the pen is also a good intermediary fee, things >

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