2010 Shanghai General Assembly registration nearing the end of the participants surprise

webmaster conference registration is nearing the end of 2010, the assembly process has also been a lot of attention, the meeting also raised a lot of gifts to the webmaster, hope that through this conference in the exchange of learning environment to the webmaster a little surprise! Special thanks to the General Assembly meeting to provide beautiful gifts under the network company: zinpin singular network Yanhuang network CNZZ Jiefang cow I net Ntalker Interactive Encyclopedia taobao.com


theme: focusing on Shanghai to Qunying Internet business, e-commerce, web site operators and other topics forum.

– the general assembly is mainly through the industry elite interactive mode of in-depth website owners to promote the operation of hot topics related to explore.

– for the majority of the webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs to provide some excellent practical experience, but also hope that through the webmaster conference so that the majority of owners can establish

all aspects of human resources to promote mutual cooperation.

hosted: V5SHOP China Station

contractors: Liberation cattle Network PHPWIND

co organizer: DEDECMS Interactive Encyclopedia Webmaster Help network PHP100 dynamic web guide home of the Chinese webmaster also buy tea Blue Lion reading club

conference designated data statistics platform: CNZZ

conference designated site security advisory body: Green Alliance Technology

conference live media: Liberation Daily liberation of cattle Network


conference site media: online.sh.cn CENN financial NetEase pcpop.com technology Yesky computer intelligence computer computer newspaper reported PCHOME

conference special sponsor Zunpin network

General Assembly special support: the pig Witkey net I Yanhuang network weft media mobile phone taobao.com Shanghai oulainuo odd network

general assembly to support the webmaster media: China Adsense station network owners who stand behind the development of Chinese network WEB


support unit: dig shellfish net Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center website CCID network Ntalker

the preliminary agenda of the conference is as follows:

< 12:30-13.00> sign in

< 13:00-13:10> conference host to make a brief introduction to the conference

< 13:10-13:20> conference hosted by Fan Qingcheng

new address

< 13:20-13:30> World Expo Shanghai organizing work leading group Zhou Zhicheng speech

< 13.30->

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