Daily topics the same way cattle drive in the fight accuse each other online travel competition

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 19th news, recently the online travel market competition is intense, the same processes and the way cattle is in the battle of slobber.

tuniu.com announced on 15 and Hony capital, a subsidiary of the Jingdong store, Ctrip Ctrip investment and tuniu CEO signed a share subscription agreement with the chief operating officer. According to the agreement, the way cattle will sell $148 million of new shares issued to the investors. Among them, the new shareholders of Jingdong, Hony capital mall subscribe 50 million, Ctrip investment subscribed 15 million.


for $148 million financing, with the way CEO Wu Wenxiang published the article said, this round of financing, the way cattle duright CEO and COO Yan Yan Haifeng the equity mortgage, the loan of $16 million into the company. At the last round of financing is financing opportunities tuniu, from the aspects of money no retreat, the way cattle has as a listed company, but also need to mortgage their equity loan founder, if it is required by investors, that investors do not have confidence on the way cattle too.

yesterday afternoon, tuniu.com CEO Yu Dunde and COO Yan Haifeng in the internal forum published a letter to the expert said recently and played the slobber war with the way tourism financing had burned in the ticket business, the strategic transformation of outbound financing needs, but the launch of a new round of financing has been no progress. The way cattle price has been underestimated, and its investment in the same way as a direct buy shares tuniu.

for the way cattle shelling, travel with the way CEO Wu Zhixiang and other five with the way the founder of today responded that the enterprise is the founder of the ceiling, the founder of the field of vision, mind, spirit determines the enterprise must change tomorrow, tuniu founder, if you do not change, the way cattle will continue to stumble in the winter of the mire, the way cattle spring will never come. Wu Zhixiang said, with the way the founder of the team as a grassroots team, and Ctrip, where to go in the field of vision, the pattern above there is a gap, but also committed mistakes, but will continue to learn to correct.

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