Jay Chou marketing channel from Lei Jun glared at Zhou Hongyi

2015 12, this is a good day good an invigorating autumn climate, Xi led his staff came to Wuzhen to attend the general assembly of the internet. Senior government officials, corporate chiefs, powerful gas field, spectacular. The cluster head movement of cars, beauty, beauty, very close, can let the people praise, everywhere.



in the online fire, not the chiefs, not cars, not beauty. It’s a picture of Rebs and Zhou Hongyi. Let people fall into a reverie. Even friends have to match a variety of dialogue, it is funny. Is a master in the folk.

when all eyes are on the funny, when I saw the broadcast of the joke, clever Zhou Hongyi, who knows the way of marketing. Jack Ma and then rely on the speech interview boast pull the wonderful work.

as the saying goes: "good news, bad news," Zhou Hongyi’s way in the Internet Conference blowing their products more than cattle; open more luxury car; financing how much. Others are commonplace, the "good" people see it, do not get online to help you propaganda. As we all know she can be, because the ugly, looking for a boyfriend for tall; Wang Sicong can let everyone know, because he is not rich, the rich people too much. But because the national husband this joke.

so Zhou Hongyi every day in the thinking of how to use this opportunity, in numerous media, make a shaking heaven and earth "event". When the bigwigs are talking tea break when Jay Chou’s bragging, ziyuzile selca. But found that the effect is not good, can only look for opportunities. In an interview with reporters at the scene, a few big brothers sitting on top, are talking about their own successful products and future direction of development. Can be said to be stereotyped. Jay Chou found the opportunity, not to speak of security products, free advertising, said his mobile phone self good cock, at the age of 50, he made a 18 year old. But we don’t think it’s funny. The plan failed again.

Zhou Hongyi at the meeting will end up with eyes closed, I thought, it won’t help me! Who knows, a reporter then took a photo, Rebs’s eyes to the right. It is determined to grow flowers and flowers do not open the gander. Straight to the bridge. Zhou Hongyi see this picture, a micro-blog quickly, add fuel to the flames say: who knows! What happened? Say, send a mobile phone.


yes, there’s a topic. Fire, the above said to send a mobile phone. Yes, this is a magic pen Jay Chou marketing channel.

when the taxi software, second-hand car software, mobile phone in the rush to rely on advertising, famous in the money market. Zhou Hongyi understand that advertising also needs innovation will be attractive, as the product needs to innovate in order to make the market revolution.

drops taxi do not spend money advertising, but to the user >

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