Everywhere excavator which strong, whether the Lan Xiang brand dug a pit

excavator technology which strong?". This sentence in the last one or two months on the network can see you are all visual fatigue.

Lan Xiang, in fact, also known before, but probably before so many years together far from the recent one or two months so hot.

Lan Xiang suddenly become a good piece of various condiments, any one copy from rolia story or serious review, at the end of the introduction of a "excavator which" immediately became a joke. Even in some online community, as long as we see a long text comments, must first habitual to pull back and look, not only to determine the excavator, think this is a serious message, only to see it. "Excavator" throughout every corner of the network, evolved into myriad forms, a variety of scripts, all kinds of stories, all acrostic, in various languages, "excavator culture" interpretation of the most incisive.

The rapid rise of

excavator Lan Xiang piece is not a special case, on the network, a lot of people and things, has been full of the wisdom of the user to ridicule or spoof, by a large number of professional hand piece to play, and the fire all over the network.

but I also see people recently, some network marketing industry, will Lan Xiang through scripts quickly spread to ridicule and no wonder, as Internet marketing, Internet communication and spreading the word "success" to analyze the case, this will praise on Lan Xiang’s popularity has benefits, reputation and other aspects. Some people even in mining which is not expert in a big promotion plan.

I don’t agree with this view.

Lan Xiang’s own marketing strategy must be successful, otherwise it can not create a well-known brand of education.

But at this stage, "

excavator which" parody of hot, in the form of a name, not only for the Lan Xiang brand image not what benefits, but will have a negative effect, even boldly predicted that Lan Xiang is likely to suffer some impact.

Although Lan Xiang

a series of topics, we are at leisure in the online fun of a material, but since it was Lan Xiang analysis from the perspective of brand communication, then I would pretend to be serious from the perspective of brand communication to discuss.

is a brand, not only need visibility, but also needs to have the reputation. If a brand has become an object of ridicule, jokes, his popularity is, his reputation in the


is a particular school, the school itself requires a sense of authority, can appear to be tall, and become the country’s famous spoof object, everyone referred to the school, can blurt out a sentence saying the same words, although we all know you, but also should not be favorable for enrollment.

another phenomenon is happening – the negative news is approaching Lan Xiang.

as a result of such widespread ridicule

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