How to play the content of the tourism industry Let’s take a look at these eight cases

Lev · Tolstoy once said: "all great literature can be divided into two stories: one on a journey, or a stranger to a small town."


compared to the vertical industry, tourism is full of rich stories. Like Tolstoy said, the story is to leave a place to another place.

travel marketers take full advantage of this opportunity to use their own content to tell their brand stories, and gradually diversify, such as App, micro-blog, publishing magazines or interactive video, etc.. In the mobile Internet space, consumers can be found anywhere on the content of tourism, offices, cafes, airports, etc., everywhere. In view of this, the content of marketing in the development of the tourism industry is also not to be underestimated.

so, actual content different marketing strategy on how to apply to the tourism industry? When travelers become buyers, buyers of his journey can be represented by a funnel graphics, with different content of marketing strategy.


inspiration to inspire

1, motivating travelers to participate in a broader, Sharable Content


improvise its slogan, Australia is a "not just want you to visit, but to experience." Place. The official website of the Australian Tourism Authority has produced a series of stunning, true 360 degree scrolling video, which simulates a way of National Landmark adventure travel. Imagining in Great Barrier Reef with a group of naughty Tasmania dolphins snorkeling, feeding kangaroos in Kangaroo Island. The purpose of each video is to attract tourists to explore the secret of Australia’s exotic coast, first for tourists to bring the impact on the senses, the next step is to experience.

2 set goals for building long-term relationships, do not over emphasize your brand or drive conversion


also acts as a travel site for Tortuga Backpacks, in their words: "we are a weekly podcast at the crossroads of travel and entrepreneurship." The show is hosted by Fred Perrotta and Michael Cohen, and they are also the founders of Tortuga Backpacks, Jeremy. They will share their favorite travel equipment, products, websites, App and so on.

travel and entrepreneurship are not always mentioned in the same breath, but these outstanding entrepreneurs often Backpack Travel to work. The Power Trip podcast has opened up a new, deeper level of communication, which not only preserves the communication with existing customers, but also uses

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