WeChat template messages can be customized Of course you’ll have to do this first


CMS template library contains pig news a variety of templates, the public can use the template message to notify the user to send important services, such as booking showings, remind the winning results notice, reservation, goods successful payment notice.

recently, the pig CMS template message has added a feature, customers can also add the template message yourself (of course, the need to develop the two oh ~)

customers can according to their business needs, the template message for the corresponding two development. Then click on the system to add a new template, the details of the template settings, and configure the corresponding parameters, you can use the. Warm reminder: only certified service number can use the template message Oh ~)

template message can help the public number for business notification. Pig CMS on the line to add a new template feature, the template development initiative to the customer. Customers can play their own small universe, to create their own templates, providing personalized service for fans, and a richer two-way interaction. For example, the fans group purchase a Hot pot, just pay the money received notice of the business, and will also notice the fans choose the dishes together with information. Clear experience is good, decisive to praise ah is not


details determine success or failure. Pig CMS template message new features, giving the customer a great room for play. The development of a unique template message, not only allows customers to enhance the level of service and business notification capabilities, but also to enhance the user experience of the fans.

piglets produced, will be fine. Focus on quality of service N, you deserve it! (author: Piglet CMS micro signal: pigcms)

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