How to make customers receive goods quickly praise What is bundling marketing

How does Taobao

do to make customers fast delivery and give you 5 star praise? What is the bundled marketing experience to share? Personally, not for anything else, just for the good stuff we are able to absorb waste, I Pan Guoxing will not be out to share with you! This is why Pan Guoxing less every day to share because it takes time to accumulate, dry cargo, is the need to demonstrate the.

we all know that Taobao wants to do the sellers, buyers can quickly receiving and giving 5 star praise, why? Because the buyer, the seller can receive the money, money money to good turnover, another is praise, even if no do Taobao know sell 5 star is. How much importance for businesses, to praise or refuse to start making money online shopping, we tend to pay more attention to the evaluation of reference, third party to decide whether to buy this commodity.

so how can you make buyers happy and willing to give you a quick receipt and praise?

is also very simple, is human nature, people are human, animal and animal nature! For example before consumers buy you things in mind, there is certainly a good product, can make him satisfied, but if can go beyond the buyer within the subconscious of the things it is called surprise! The goods receipt of an unexpected surprise!


means I just want to buy something that he is good, but I’d better find it super good, understand that this joy, but this requires us to do some simple guidance and temptation.

For example, we usually

on Taobao to buy things, such as mobile phone, you will also receive a lot of film, mobile phone shell, cleaning cloth and related properties of the


so this article is to talk about the mode of practice is: gifts, I believe we all know and understand, but you use the good you do you want the effect of it?

gifts points:

1 must be associated with the main product chain

2 the value of the gift can be more than the value of the main product, or almost, who provides the gift must be supporting role can not be the protagonist?

under a few pictures to understand how Pan Guoxing is operating to get the results you want it.






is the image of Pan Guoxing this morning with such a way to promote the rapid acceptance of buyers and praise skills.

learned that? Did you go with? Always remember what is the kingly way.

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