From the beginning of two weeks to allow your fans to break through the 5000

played the first two weeks of micro-blog, starting from scratch, learn how to quickly increase the fans, the following experience to share. Play micro-blog, simply divided into two, one is private, just to share with friends, one is open, the purpose is to promote their business. For micro-blog, different people have different points of view, the following is a typical example of novice point of view:

point 1, write something interesting, record their own lives

view 2, through the interaction of micro-blog and personal blog, let micro-blog and blog link

point of view, 3, to improve their fans, and finally pay attention to micro-blog content and interactive

in the process of increasing the fans encountered the following problems:

1, in the micro group mass message, return powder rate is low

Between the lack of

2, a few people are pushing

3, daily attention is easy to cap

4, for personal operation micro-blog time arrangement is not reasonable enough

5, when mutual powder frequently, there will be verification code

6, pink QQ group, a lot of time did not add

7, how to achieve the purpose of large size powder quickly through the trumpet

may often play micro-blog for some people, these are small, so please see here people go.

of course there is a problem, there are corresponding skills:

1, often change the name and replace the head, so in the micro mass message, others see a new face, rather than every day to deceive the pink.

2, when the group did not effect, you can go to the popular broadcast or hot topics of evaluation inside the stroll, there are a lot of people who interact with each other.

3, on the way to address the bulk of the message recording, it is recommended to @ on the trumpet, so you can go directly to the trumpet to reply, so as to avoid the trouble to record the address

4, the release time of the law of the micro group, looking for the active time group to send

5, micro-blog theme positioning; this is very important, specifically not elaborate, you can find Baidu

6, the richness of content; a good micro-blog, in addition to the original text, but also the need for an attractive picture

7, through personal tags, looking for people who have a common point

8, stand outside support: popular place to seek mutual powder: Q group, post bar and other

9, through mobile phones, mobile browser daily attention is not limited to 300. Every day through mobile phone landing micro group, find those more active users, and then take the initiative to pay attention to his fans, and even fans of the fans, so called

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