Do marketing in addition to the value of the content needs to be strong enough impact

WeChat public number after the best dividend period, can stay there are usually two factors: effective, valuable information and strong enough impact.

is called effective, valuable information, useful to the user, fit the needs of users, the "shock" is to allow users to pay attention to you. Durex and millet are always very easy to cause the attention of people, largely depends on their writing skills, how do we use "impact" to attract users to



what the user needs, what is interested in

about user needs, we are doing products, find the market, marketing planning…… And so on all aspects of the important factors to consider.

After the "

China Shandong Lan Xiang find a round in various advertisements brush brainwashed, also had some clever marketing words:" sister, meet new Oriental married Chef ", played as an interesting demand pain points emotional card, but also to find from the user’s body.

contrast, the specific visible easier to attract users

When WeChat

operations of public numbers, there is a summary of marketing to do with digital display, the title will be more attractive to users, in fact, this push away, we can get information: information = the visible user can get more attention, trust and recognition of users.

and similar to some of the ways, such as the comparison of information, but also a lot of businesses like to choose the marketing tool: the quality of other people’s home is how, and we are using what high-end technology…… Or, just a thin piece of paper, such as the thickness of a digital product, is to find ways to allow users to get more intuitive, more specific product information.

visual, auditory and other sensory

pictures, audio, video…… In the multimedia now, we can use a "flying pig" metaphor of the new industry outlet dark horse, can be used to express a dynamic state of mind.

if the text information is not full, full, we must use pictures, dynamic map, state and even audio and video to copy in a more dynamic, interesting, open up the user’s cognitive, but also can get a better marketing effect through the mobilization of the user’s perception.

think of ways to mobilize user sentiment

remember once in a video copy circle is the fire: a blind side of the sign: "what I can’t see," hurry little stop, someone passing will sign the statement to "spring, but I also do not see what see, the hurried crowd have stopped, leaving the comfort coins for the blind……

the same meaning, different view, the result is not the same, can drive the user to copy over emotion.

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