Three simple catch and turnover of the network marketing program

today, Pujiang to share with you is the three simple network marketing program, mainly for the Win network marketing operating system to catch the hidden and transaction links.

#1: storytelling rather than selling products

any story is more attractive than the stiff advertising information, and people will be more interested in it.

there is no marketing person who doesn’t want to be interested in your products or services, not annoy them, let them go. Yes, in addition to blunt marketing information and advertising content, you have not been touched by the story of some copy from rolia


a simple example, we all know that rock singer Wang Feng, he is very talented, you must have heard his song "spring", I believe many people and I have the same feeling, just before xuriyanggang cover this song to tell the truth, I really have not heard of this song song. Is this song, sing red xuriyanggang, why is that in Wang Feng there is no such a fire, and to xuriyanggang here on fire? Many people love their love this song, the more reason I believe is their brother a story touched by the experience. What do you think,


OK, let’s go back to the topic of Internet marketing. How to tell the story in your marketing? For example, when you write the sales letter, you can tell your customers how to use products to achieve what the result of his work, life and health wealth, what kind of change, before is more miserable, and now is how good. Many potential customers before buying to see why the evaluation of other buyers or comments, is based on this reason, they are more willing to believe that the past and present situation of people like him or similar words, then you believe that the product, the last is to buy.

#2: explain why and expose the truth

explain to potential customers why you want to sell products to them and tell them the truth. For example, I started with a sales letter in the case of a grain of wheat. "It’s not fair at all!".

explains why this is not necessarily the case…… So". In fact, as long as you observe carefully, you will find the store or merchant traders go high streets and back lanes are in the "why", season, shop decoration, in order to repay the loan to pay the rent what.

reason to explain why, because the network marketing method is very simple and practical, can increase sales.

of course, there is no scientific basis. There is a market research company conducted a survey in a bank, some participants were asked if you want to apply as soon as possible business will be queued; while some participants is not required from the queue, then a lot of people regardless of the consequence was pushed forward, then the row in front of the people say: no way!. There was a later

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