Give an example of how network marketing should be done

network marketing is a general proposition, often some basic general knowledge and experience, because many people say, so as to make people feel insipid, weak reading. Even reading, it is empty talk, for many beginners at a loss. So the following to my own management of the track lamp products to promote network marketing should be how to do?

track light is a very important commodity in commercial lighting products, so how to promote the track lamp products?


track lights as a kind of product manufacturers in many enterprises, in the official website in general occupy only one column, so the keyword layout often can only be performed in a column, it usually leads to a large number of keywords, and weight dispersion. Therefore, you can consider using two domain names to deal with. For example, I personally responsible for the track light website: guidaodeng.***.com is the use of two domain names. In this two level domain name, with the official website of the enterprise has all the columns and elements, is a complete information on the official website of the official website. At the same time, this site there are four important key words: track lights, track lights, led spotlights, led rail track lights, there were four keywords of repeated on the website each column, strengthen the theme of the site, at the same time, also increased the weight of keywords. In addition, release, in around four words are news and information content, will have many of these long tail keywords, long tail keywords associated with the theme of the website that is very close, so as to get good weight.

2, the site is prominent in the construction of the theme is important, but in the daily maintenance of the site updates, but also sloppy. For example, news updates should be conscious of the selection of one of the four important keywords, such as track lights, and then around the keywords, do the long tail keywords, such as pictures, track lights, track lights, track lights, track installation price of lamp etc.. Of course, the article content must fully reflect the value, after all, each of the visitors are hoping to get the information they need, and then the content of writing, should be readable at least, not for the keyword layout and scribbles, because a mere trash article, there will not be any value. In addition to updating product information released to pay attention to, in addition to the keyword highlight the theme, pictures of the products must be clear, model and specifications should be careful, because only fully understand the product information in the visitors, will consider the need for further communication with you, if because of the lack of the necessary information, and to give visitors a further communication, so the site do good also useless. Do not think that they left a phone QQ what you can, the guests will not be at ease and you are directly linked, at least in the confirmation that they are really looking for the product before it will not take the initiative to contact.

3, the use of industry related platform, register their website information, and publish articles and product information. If I am on a number of lighting sites with the main track lights

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