Zhu Yun a list of several common network promotion Tricks (on)

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network promotion method more and more, some people have loopholes, when popular network promotion also appeared with many tricks, maybe some of us is the direct or indirect victims of these tricks will give the victim, we summarize some network often encountered tricks that today, Zhu Yun, hope you know then you can pay more attention to make yourself less was less affected by the loss.

remember Zhu Yun wrote several articles about black chain articles, such as: the web site was hung black chain how to do, in my impression has suffered a black chain, but nothing to worry about, as long as the clear knowledge of the black chain, or can be good to avoid the.


entered below:

1 money to buy links

since it is to spend money to buy, and the money has to pay attention to the relationship, or accidentally cheated. If there is a way I believe no one is willing to spend money to buy links, web site in the limited time, and contacts new rush time effect, naturally want to go to the point, then it will go online to search some link to sell information, payment without a detailed understanding of the situation, payment only after being cheated, then you might want to know, what


A. Black link

if you do not know what is the black link, we can go to my previous writing on the definition of black links to see the article, the address is: http://s.25seo.cn/read.php/57.htm. Hang up before long it was removed, do not give up, do not guarantee time. There is a little black links is cheating, now the search engine to find black links is still very powerful, if found to estimate the website also was down the right, this The loss outweighs the gain..

B. White link

why a quote? In fact, white link does not represent good links, on the surface, can see the presence of these links, but are generally put up by technical means, and because more intuitive can see, the administrator is easy to find and delete, the effect is also as can be imagined.

note: when buying links to see links exist a few days later to pay for each other, before buying a simple link to him to improve a quality link detection, after all it is to buy, what kind of link is a quality is worth buying this? Wait until the next article Zhu Yun give everybody to speak. Must be a little harm can not have the heart of the heart of man is not, to protect their own interests without loss.


2 software writers

good soft Wen promotion effect is very good, but the premise is a good soft Wen, there are responsible person to operate. So when looking for software writers to find some reputation in the industry, regular activities, or through friends >

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