AOL Is Building A MapQuest Social Network Called mqVibe

first_imgTags:#AOL#Location#web The original Internet behemoth purchased, and this year. All of those domains point to the new “coming soon” page. AOL also registered a big portfolio of trademarks for each of these domains that indicate a location-based social networking service. Here’s a selection:Serial Number: 85419192Online social networking services; online local and community social networking servicesSerial Number: 85419185Providing a website that enables users to connect with people in a particular neighborhood or city; Providing user-defined content and content of others selected and customized based on the known or estimated geographical location of usersSerial Number: 85419176Providing neighborhood and community information in the fields of education, entertainment, local events and activities, current events, shopping, arts, culture, and sports; Providing information about community and neighborhood livabilitySerial Number: 85419162Providing geographic information, destination information, interactive maps, and driving directions via computer and communications networks; Providing information, news, and commentary in the field of travel via computer and communications networksSerial Number: 85419151Providing information and news in the field of local businessNow that we have a hint on the MapQuest website, it looks like we can expect a map-powered social network that combines location-based services for individuals, local news, information, entertainment and shopping, and travel directions like those MapQuest already offers. This is a space Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and others are all vying to control. AOL has been silent about this, but it’s strongly positioned to make this play.Google Maps may rule the roost, but MapQuest is good technology. Moreover, Patch, AOL’s network of local news sites, is dying for a sustainable business model. AOL launched a daily deals platform tied to Patch in June, and a map-powered social news network would be an ideal place to market it. AOL has all the pieces it needs to build this thing. It just needs to put them together.Can AOL Outdo Google?It will need to do it well, though. Google is going wild in all of these areas. It bought The Dealmap to integrate its own daily deals into its Maps product, and it keeps expanding Google Offers to more markets. It bought Zagat to provide content for local business guides, a shot across the bow at Yelp. And Google’s even going where AOL can’t by pushing NFC payments for smartphones with Google Wallet, which would close the payments loop on all of these local business plays. If AOL is going to win this game, it has to swing for the fences.Thanks very much to Fusible for threeexcellentscoops on the domain purchases and trademark applications.Do you think AOL has a shot with its mqVibe neighborhood social network? Sound off in the comments. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Something cool is coming to your neighborhood. AOL appears to be preparing us for some kind of neighborhood-based social network built around MapQuest (remember them?). It has registered a bunch of domains this year that all point to a page that says something called “mqVibe” is coming soon.Earlier this month, we reported on a slew of domain name purchases and trademark applications that indicated some kind of AOL social network was in the works. At the time, we figured it could have just been speculative. But no, it looks like AOL is serious. MapQuest will be the hub of AOL’s effort to get on the social networking map. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… jon mitchell Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

A Personal Guide to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Now Available

first_imgThe Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (P.L. 115-97), was signed by President Trump on December 22. The Act makes sweeping changes to the U.S. tax code and impacts virtually every taxpayer. Our all-new eBook, A Personal Guide to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What it means for you, focuses on the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on individual taxpayers.A Personal Guide to the Tax Cuts and Jobs ActThis eBook covers:The reduction in effective tax rates;The elimination of deductions, exclusions, and credits;The enhancement of other deductions and credits; andAll of the provisions of the act that directly affect individuals.This eBook provides easy-to-understand guidance and helps individual taxpayers maximize their tax benefits and minimize their tax liability. To obtain your copy, click here.Login to read more tax news on CCH® AnswerConnect or CCH® Intelliconnect®.Not a subscriber? Sign up for a free trial or contact us for a representative.last_img read more

Three arrested in Moberly

first_imgPolice search a home in Moberly, and end up putting three people under arrest.It happened Monday morning when Moberly Police had a warrant to search a home near Kehoe Avenue and Kennedy Drive.They arrested Steven Sartain, as well as Michael and Charity Harper on a variety of charges.Sartain is accused of molesting a child under age 14, while the Harper’s each face child endangerment and drug possession charges.last_img

Application inventory as a cost savings initiative

first_imgFourteen months ago my (new) manager approached me with a unique problem. It was discovered that we did a very poor job of keeping track of the applications (software) that we build and/or install within our enterprise environment. This lack of tracking also included all the associated data related to hosting (hardware, configuration and such). That’s not to say that some organizations inside our company weren’t doing a great job, however, these pockets of excellence were the exception not the norm.My (now) manager explained that a new group will be forming to help find opportunities to save money in the application and hardware space. His problem for me to solve was that there was no single solution, no one source for data, nor any single location for recording information. As a technical lead with several years of experience in metadata modeling and tracking, he asked me to go off and propose a solution.As I mentioned we had several pockets inside the company that were tracking data as necessary to perform their job functions. After performing an internal environment scan, analysis and in several cases, engaging with the teams and their tools, I was left holding an empty bag.What did I discover? There were 12 different applications (out of vendorprovided and internally custom built) and around 14 additional data sources(spreadsheets and databases). Through engagement, it was determined that of the solutions, many were on aged technology and some had lost their developers to other projects. Additionally, most of the existing inventories had only one small piece of the puzzle. They were only concerned with that one bit of information that solved their business need. This meant that enhancing an existing solution was not going to work.So off to the drawing board I went to try and come up with a quick solution that would enable us to rapidly gather our application inventory, the right way, the first time. My proposal was taken to senior management and four weeks later, three of us had completed the first version of an application which is still in use and the Record of Origin (ROO) for application metadata within our company.How does this all save us money?Let me give you an example that anyone can relate to.  Think of this in terms of an inventory of the food in your cupboards. If you go to the store without any knowledge of what food (canned, packaged, frozen or fresh) you have, how do you know what to buy? One of the kids may know you have some corn, another may know you have a pot roast, however, is the inventory accurate? Until you get into all your cabinets and do an inventory, you’ll never know what you have. Additionally, without putting a system in place to maintain that inventory, the next time you make dinner, your list is completely useless.Continuing my food sample, let’s say you want to make a lasagna. How do you know if you have the ingredients? How do you know you don’t have one already, frozen and ready to heat?This is the problem we found ourselves in (applications not food). We had no idea if we had overlapping functionality. Our capabilities were meeting our (internal) customer demands, however, were we meeting that need at a higher cost than necessary? Were we asking people to use a tool that was outdated (technically speaking) when a newer, faster, cheaper solution existed in the room next door?These are some of the problems that we looked to solve. And with this, we have some pretty interesting plans on how to save money. I will cover that in my next entry.Have you had similar issues at your company? Do you currently have this challenge before you? I’m curious to hear some of those challenges and potential solutions.last_img read more

Youth hacked dead in Pabna

first_imgA young man was hacked to death by miscreants at Kacharipara of Pabna municipality on Thursday evening, reports UNB. The deceased was Ariful Islam Sagar, 22, son of late Abdul Hamid of the area.Officer-in-charge of Sadar police station Abdur Razzaque said a group of miscreants chopped Ariful indiscriminately around 7:30pm, leaving him injured.He was taken to Pabna General Hospital where physicians declared him dead, the OC said.last_img