Molnar impressive once again in win over Rosado Middletown boxer wins unanimous decision in Atlantic City bout

first_imgStaff Writer By Doug mckenzie Molnar impressive once again in win over Rosado Middletown boxer wins unanimous decision in Atlantic City bout There’s no questioning Johnny Molnar’s heart. He’s proved he can take a punch, so all that’s left to question is exactly how far his talent and will to win can take him in the sport of boxing. The bloodied and hurt 148-pound Middletown pugilist continued his comeback from his first career loss to former national champion, and undefeated professional, Nick Acevedo 11 months ago. With his third win in a row, he thrilled an appreciative Atlantic City crowd with a punishing performance against Victor Rosado on July 21. The fight also gave the popular boxer’s fans another chance to see him fight on premium-cable television (it was the initial bout of Showtime’s new afternoon series “ShoBox: The New Generation”), and he gave them everything they could ask for, and more. Molnar (19-1-1, 10 KOs), a former Golden Gloves state champ, scored a unanimous decision over Rosado, despite tearing tendons on the tip of his right thumb early in the first round, making his right hand somewhat useless for the remainder of the fight. Although Molnar tried to use his right hand the rest of the way, he realized pretty quickly that he couldn’t be as effective with the injury. “I really didn’t fight very well, I don’t think,” he said. “I hurt my hand pretty bad, and that pretty much ruined my chances of knocking him out. I throw a lot of combinations at my opponents, but I couldn’t really throw too many this time.” Despite having to adapt to the injury, Molnar managed to dominate the fight against a clearly overmatched opponent, by working Rosado’s inside, and eventually wearing him out with his ferocious style. Because of that discrepancy, Rosado appeared to become frustrated, and landed a vicious head-butt in the fourth round, which opened up a cut on Molnar’s head. In between rounds, the fight-doctors took a long look at the cut above his right eye, which was bleeding steadily, before deciding to allow the fight to continue. Once they did, Molnar picked up where he left off, scoring points against Rosado, while simultaneously trying to fend off a number of low blows. Rosado later had a point deducted for holding Molnar behind the head and hitting, but was only warned for the low blows. “He kept trying to head-butt me, and he caught me pretty good in the fourth,” Molnar said. “They were thinking about stopping the fight, but my cut-man Dave (Tenny) took care of it, and they let me finish. “I didn’t want them to stop it,” he added. “I wanted to keep going, and I told them that. Eventually (referee) Tony Orlando told me to shut up, so I did.” Once the fight resumed, Molnar continued to dominate until the eighth round, when another head-butt caused the ringside doctors to end the fight short of the scheduled 10 rounds, leaving the scoring up to the judges. Molnar won by scores of 80-71 (judge Joseph Pascuale), 79-72 (George Colon) and 77-74 (Al DeVito). With the loss, Rosado dropped to 17-3-1, with 11 knockouts. After the fight, the 26-year-old Molnar was happy with the win, but thought he could have been even more dominant. “He didn’t punch as hard as I thought he would,” he said. “I was expecting more of a puncher.” Not that he’s complaining. “I think I’ve gotten a lot better since my loss to Acevedo, so maybe I’m just avoiding the punches more,” he added. The fight marked his first under new trainer Mark Breland, a former world champion who hopes to take Molnar to the top of his weight class. “I’d only been with Mark for 10 days before the fight, so we didn’t get to work too much together, but I’m excited about training under him,” Molnar said. “I’m looking forward to getting back in the ring, but for now I’m just going to try and heal up.” For fans who want another chance to watch this local emissary fight, they shouldn’t have to wait too long. If it were up to Molnar, he’d be fighting again as soon as his thumb healed. “I’ll be working out again next week,” he said.last_img

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