Junglee movie review and rating Heres what critics say about Vidyut Jammwals

first_imgJunglee critics review and ratingTwitterVidyut Jammwal has come up with his latest movie Junglee that focusses on the issue of animal poaching; specifically elephant poaching for their tusks.Junglee is an action thriller that shows Vidyut’s character saving his childhood friend, Bhola (an elephant), from the hands of a gang of poachers. The trailer of the film had given a glimpse of some impressive action sequences, and looks like the movie does not disappoint on those lines.Some initial critics’ review of Junglee have already come out. The film has got mixed reviews from the critics as some liked the film, and some others found it average. The visuals and action in the film are being praised.Some called it a thrilling action drama with a strong emotional quotient, some others duped it as a wasted opportunity. Directed by renowned international director, Chuck Russell, Junglee also features Pooja Sawant, Asha Bhat, Atul Kulkarni among others.Check some of the initial critics’ review and rating of Junglee:Mumbai Mirror: Jammwal could be the next desi Stallone. He may struggle to infuse his character with much emotional depth, but for an action film, it’s hardly a concern. For those who grew up watching Russell’s iconic films, this one may not size up. Be it the indie comedy Back to School, the stupendously imaginative The Mask or even the cult science-fiction horror The Blob, the filmmaker has forever realised his eccentric ideas with much flourish. It’s obvious that his intentions here were to furnish the man-animal conflict and apprise one of the ramifications. But much seems to be lost in translation. (3.5*/5*)Bollywoodlife: Junglee is a wasted opportunity for Vidyut Jammwal and fans of the action star. We guess we have to wait for the Commando series. (1.5*/5*)Times of India: Watch Junglee for its spellbinding action, cute elephants and gorgeous jungles. Such an adventurous and brave attempt is rare in Hindi cinema. (3.5*/5*)NDTV: It would of course be too much to expect subtlety and other niceties from a turgid movie that cannot even do justice to the pack of pachyderms that it employs in order to acquire heft. Jammwal is about the only bright spot in a pulpy action-adventure film that is unlikely to do anything to enhance the reputation of a filmmaker who has successes like The Mask, Eraser and The Scorpion King behind him. But the lead actor will probably, and deservedly, emerge unscathed from this mess. (1.5*/5*)Pinkvilla: The only saving grace were Vidyut’s impeccable action scenes. The stunt choreography was executed perfectly. The film did well to call out the poachers and crooks who kill elephants in order to get tusks to make ivory products, but in terms of entertainment, it failed to deliver a great action drama. So, if you are Vidyut’s fan or an action or animal lover then yes you can enjoy this movie over the weekend. (2*/5*)News18: As a director, Russell who has impressive Hollywood films like The Mask on his resume falls incredibly short in making Junglee a good watch. Ang Lee (Life of Pi), Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire), Richard Attenborough (Gandhi) are among the rare western directors who succeeded in the formidable task of retelling of India stories for both the world and Indian audiences–Russell, unfortunately, misses the mark. (2*/5*)Hindustan Times: The action sequences are astutely choreographed but they lack gravity. Throughout the film some of these moments appear more comic than serious, except for the fight sequence in the climax. Vidyut’s poses and parkour movements are well-captured. This film a below mediocre fare that will appeal to animal lovers. (2.5*/5*)Times Now: Overall, Junglee will keep you engrossed and entertained with its good storyline, Chuck Russell’s direction, Vidyut Jammwal’s action and the bond he shares with the elephants. (3.5*/5*)last_img

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