AtlasIED Releases Four New Audio Processing, Mixing, Distribution Products

first_imgAtlasIED has announced the addition of several new audio distribution, processing and control devices to its line of commercial audio products. The new additions include a wall-mount (“W” TSD) family of indoor and outdoor mic/line/Bluetooth mixers and accessories; a two-channel preamp/Dante interface; a mic/line preamp; a distribution amplifier and 24-volt power supply. All of the products are part of AtlasIED’s Time Saving Devices (TSD) line, which includes mixers, amplifiers, preamps and other distribution and control devices. Like other products in the TSD portfolio, the new devices have been engineered and designed to simplify connections, satisfy specific application needs and enhance installation flexibility and scalability for commercial AV integrators.The new AtlasIED audio processing, mixing and distribution products include:Indoor/Outdoor Analog Wall Mount (WTSD-MIX31K) 3×1 Mic/Line Bluetooth Mixer and (WTSD-MIX41K) 4×1 Mic/Line MixerThe WTSD-MIX31K features a balanced microphone/line input and an auxiliary 3.5 millimeter and Bluetooth summed input with a balanced line output. The WTSD-MIX31 utilizes commercial-grade Bluetooth technology featuring ultra-low noise levels, long-range connectivity, no auto-connect and a quick disconnect bump feature. The selection between mic or line level for the XLR input is made via a front panel switch. The high-gain mic inputs incorporate user-enabled phantom power for condenser microphones and a 125 hertz low-cut filter to eliminate unwanted low frequency interference. A local mute button mutes output to the bus, and a system priority button can mute building-wide BGM systems to isolate the room. An adjustable VOX feature allows for AUX input background audio to be muted when announcing is present.The WTSD-MIX41K features four balanced microphone/line inputs and a balanced line output. Selection between mic or line level is made via a dip switch on the rear panel. The high-gain mic inputs incorporate user-enabled phantom power for condenser microphones and a 120 hertz low-cut filter to eliminate unwanted low-frequency interference. A global mute function can be triggered via a local switch. Separate level controls for each input provide control for the audio mix needed.AtlasIED Four-Input XLR Passive Wall Plate (WTDS-XLR4)Used in conjunction with the WTSD-MIX41K is an optional two-gang, four-input XLR passive wall plate (WTDS-XLR4). The WTSD-XLR4 also functions as a standalone wall plate for any balanced mic/line system that requires a remote input plate. Each XLR has a three-way removable connector (G – +) for terminating standard two-conductor, shielded wire.Both the WTSD-MIX41K and WTSD-MIX31K wall plates can be converted to Dante Digital Network audio when interfaced with the optional AtlasIED TSD-DAC2i converter. The wall plates fit into most two-gang boxes and can be used with a WTSD-COVER accessory for installation in outdoor environments.AtlasIED Audio/Power & Control Interface (WTSD-PWHUB) The WTDS-PWHUB is designed to be used in conjunction with AtlasIED WTSD wall plate mixers at the head-end when additional headroom control and external device integration is necessary. Features include emergency audio mute function for fire alarm systems, and two NO/NC relays that can be configured to turn on or off the head-end amp rack with the auto sleep function. A priority button can be used to temporarily mute background music for paging purposes. The WTDS-PWHUB requires a 24VDC power supply.AtlasIED Two-Channel Balanced Line Input to Dante Interface (TSD-DAC2i)The AtlasIED TSD-DAC2i is a PoE two-channel analog pre-amplifier that converts analog audio signals to Dante digital audio. The TSD-DAC2i can be used for any Analog to Dante digital audio endpoint but is ideally suited to be used with the AtlasIED WTSD wall mixer series. Once converted to Dante digital audio, the audio can be transmitted over IP networks and routed in the Dante Controller software. The TSD-DAC2i Dante transmitter I/O module features two analog balanced line inputs with a variable gain to operate from line to mic level.Here is more information on AtlasIED and its product offerings.Here’s a video of the WTSD Series from AtlasIED at ISE 2020:last_img read more

Researchers: The general link between morality and purity exists across cultures

first_imgShare on Twitter Email Pinterest Moral people have a pure heart. Immoral acts feel dirty. Expressions that describe morality in terms of purity abound in English and numerous other languages. The idea is rooted in religions around the world as well. For example, ritual purification of the physical body symbolizes moral purification, from baptism of Christianity and mikvah of Judaism, to ablution of Islam and Buddhism, to bathing in the Ganges of Hinduism and amrit of Sikhism. Across human societies, bodily purity seems deeply intertwined with morality. Does it imply that the morality-purity link is a universal psychological phenomenon?The answer turns out to be Yes and No–it depends on what exactly we want universal to mean, according to a new study by Prof. Spike W. S. Lee of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and colleagues Jin Wan of the University of Groningen, Honghong Tang and Chao Liu of Beijing Normal University and Xiaoqin Mai of Renmin University of China.“If by universal we mean, ‘Does the general link between morality and purity exist across cultures?’, then yes, it appears to. But if by universal we mean, ‘Does the link manifest itself in identical ways across cultures?’, then no, it doesn’t,” says Prof. Lee. LinkedIncenter_img Share Consider East Asians. Cultural psychologists have long observed that East Asians care a lot about their “face,” or the public image of one’s self. It is evident in their tendency to avoid “losing face,” which happens when they are seen acting selfishly, disloyally, or inappropriately, and in their keenness to “gain face” by moving up the social hierarchy so that others “give face” to them. Psychologists call them a “face” culture.Given East Asians’ special emphasis on the face as a representation of public self-image, Prof. Lee and his colleagues hypothesized that facial purification might have particularly powerful moral effects among members of a face culture. They conducted several experiments to find out.In one experiment, after people recall their immoral behavior, whereas hands-cleaning effectively reduces guilt and regret against a Western backdrop, face-cleaning is more effective against an East Asian backdrop. Face-cleaning frees East Asians from the urge to engage in guilt-driven compensatory prosocial behavior. In the wake of their immorality, East Asians find a face-cleaning product especially appealing and spontaneously choose to wipe their face clean.These results suggest that moral purity is both universal and culturally variable. Its existence is found East and West. But the specific form of purification may differ from one culture to another. Whether people should wipe their hands or face clean–or rinse their mouth, or shampoo their hair, or wash their feet–is likely to depend on the cultural meanings attached to each body part.The paper was published in a recent issue of Frontiers in Psychology. Share on Facebooklast_img read more

Brixton reports strong half-year results

first_imgNet asset value was up 11.4% to 595p a share in the first six months of the year, driven by investor enthusiasm for industrial property in Brixton’s Greater London beat and rental growth of 4%. Pretax profits rose 49% to £192.3m.‘In the first half of this year a significant number of London deals, several involving institutional purchasers, have reset the pricing level for industrial and warehousing,’ said Wheeler. ‘Enthusiasm for London investment product has been proven in our sector with high prices being achieved. It is this combination of transactional evidence and our own distinct rental growth that has led to such a strong like-for-like capital growth and net asset value performance.’Brixton’s portfolio rose by 7.9% to £2.44bn. Around 40% of the uplift came from rental growth and 60% from a further fall in yields. This compares with 25% and 75% respectively in 2006 as a whole.Wheeler said that ‘there is no evidence of the credit crisis affecting our operations’ and ‘we are not seeing any distress or increase in the very low level of bad debts.’ He said that the outlook for continued rental growth was positive. Brixton’s shares opened up 6.8% to 406p this morning before falling back and this afternoon were trading up 1.4% at 385.75p, reflecting a 35% discount to NAV.Finance director Steve Owen said the company was not considering buying back shares, as Land Securities and British Land have started doing.last_img read more

Foreign buyers own half of City

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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, April 15

first_imgWriter put concerns into perspectiveThank you, Alexis Varamogiannis, for your guest column on April 7 (“Coronavirus crisis gives us time to reflect”), and thank you Daily Gazette for printing it. Ms. Varamogiannis might be young in years, but she is far wiser than most many times her age.At this very daunting time, unprecedented for most of us in the United States, we certainly have great cause for alarm and anxiety. But as this wise young lady has learned, through deep thought, we really should put our concerns in perspective and be grateful for all the great things we have.Many all over the world are without our “luxuries” (which we often consider “essentials”) all the time, and many are constantly at risk from disease, militant extremists or many other dangers that we in the United States have not had to deal with.Hopefully, after this crisis has passed, we will go back to a “normal” that is not quite the same as our old way but with some new appreciation for all that we have.I believe Ms. Varamogiannis has a great career ahead, whether it is in communications, sociology, journalism or all three.Robert MeansNiskayunaKeep a close eye on local governmentWith the recent shenanigans that have transpired in the Saratoga County government as management, yet again, pilfered the coffers, it is even more vital that county residents focus on their local governments.World and national events get much attention and become our focus. We are powerless to affect global change. Local towns and counties, on the other hand, are well within our ability to have our voices heard.The citizens of Saratoga County must insist that the Board of Supervisors review and update the 2020 budget to reflect the certain reduction of revenue.Going forward, the 2021 budget, too, must show decreased revenue as a product of the economic realities we are now in and will face over the next few years.There are those within the county who purport to be citizen activists and occasionally bark at the activities of the town and county supervisors.In times of crisis like the one we are now facing, they seem to be silent.Unless citizens stand up and focus their attention locally, we will be at fault for allowing the county supervisors and management to continue their greedy fiscal games at the expense of hard working souls.George B. MartinClifton ParkThe writer is a retired Saratoga County finance director.We need more info about Covid casesRecent comments about state and county transparency regarding COVID-19 have made me wonder why local board of health officials have done little (if anything) to help the “locals” better arm themselves with knowledge of the virus threat that could be present.I am a firm believer that knowledge is power and have received no information of who, what, where or when 11 citizens of Fulton County have gotten the virus. Did they contract it at my local grocery? If so, when?Is there a posting telling citizens of this? Is the person who spread the virus quarantined now? Since our local board of health does nothing to inform the local population, it appears to me that many whom I observe seem to think this whole problem happens somewhere else and to someone else.Shouldn’t we be better informed? Ignorance is the enemy here. We should be better served.Bruce SargeantGloversville To all of you Bernie supporters: Please join with Joe (Biden) and vote for him. I love Bernie just like you do, but we need a viable candidate for this 2020 election. And most independent Americans like me and you are not ready for Bernie’s agenda, as wonderful as it is.We need Joe Biden to be our president during these most dark days in American history, like FDR in World War II (who was a real leader).Beverly SheaSchenectadyU.S. needs a leader who can inspire usWhen I listened to Queen Elizabeth’s speech from Windsor Castle recently, where she eloquently offered words of encouragement to the British people in the face of the COVID-19 world pandemic, I cried. And I wondered, why, oh why, don’t we have a leader who can similarly comfort us?  Certainly, we have had presidents who were able to meet this great need. In their well-known speeches, Franklin Roosevelt told us what fear can do, John Kennedy challenged us to reach for the stars and Lyndon Johnson called for a Great Society.Was there ever a more heartbreaking, consoling speech than Ronald Reagan’s after the Challenger tragedy?: “We will never forget them nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye, and slipped the surly bonds of Earth to touch the face of God.”Of course, we all know presidents often rely on others to write their speeches. But even though they may not write them, they most definitely are able to identify the issues and challenges that the country is facing and convey those points to the writer. They know the speech they are going to make is not about themselves. It’s about the country we all dearly love. It’s about the people who are scared, angry, sad or full of rage. The speech is our unifier, our hope, our inspiration. Is this too much to hope for?Christine WitkowskiScotiaMany are hurting, so give generouslyFor years, “I am on a fixed income” has been the retiree’s lament when prices or taxes have gone up. Now, it is a blessing. If you are on a fixed income and have some extra cash because your vacation is now canceled or you are living more frugally, remember those people, businesses and charities that are struggling.Your church may need help because offerings are down with no in-person church services. Proctors is hurting, as is almost every arts organization. Local businesses, especially restaurants, have taken a real income hit. So, pick someone or something to support.Give a $20 tip on a $20 takeout check. Mail a check to your church or to Proctors. Give to the Rebuilding Families Fund of the Schenectady Foundation or to SiCM, or to some other charity that is helping the most vulnerable in Schenectady. Stay home, stay healthy, but help.Ken LarsenSchenectadyWe must all stand together in crisisWhen I was a young child, I remember my Mom saying to me “Treat others how you want to be treated.” I have carried that with me into adulthood; it’s why I work with the most vulnerable as a medical social worker.Now, some of the most vulnerable are people like my Mom, who along with the rest of my family, live on Long Island, where COVID cases have topped nearly 16,000. Both my parents know someone who has died; there has been talk amongst government officials to convert a children’s ice-skating rink to a temporary morgue to accommodate the deaths.So, you can imagine my disappointment when I see some of our local representatives (namely, Jim Tedisco, my state senator comes to mind) spreading falsehoods about seizing ventilators from our local hospitals. I remember Mr. Tedisco calling for unity after 9/11, touting to never forget. Have you forgotten about your fellow New Yorkers, Mr. Tedisco? As Gov. Cuomo says, we are New York strong. Please put politics aside; united we must stand. As New York, as a nation, as a world.Allison MarinucciNiskayuna Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionBernie backers now must vote for Bidencenter_img More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Don’t repeal bail reform law; Fix it the right wayEDITORIAL: Make a game plan for voting. Do it now.EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Take a role in police reformsFoss: Schenectady Clergy Against Hate brings people togetherlast_img read more

Atlas Copco acquires Appleton

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Steamy get-together

first_imgManchester-based personal injury firm Express Solicitors sent us this tender memento of a steamy get-together to mark the promotion of Sharon Denby, Margaret Bailey-Tsavalas and Rachel Flannigan to partnership. We’re not sure of the train of thought behind the shot, but we’re chuffed for them that revenue continues to rocket – they’re clearly on the right lines. We can only hope the firm won’t run out of steam, go off the rails or hit the buffers (this pun is now terminated – ed).last_img read more

Farmington council to look at new Festival event

first_img Farmington Voice Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) Farmington city council members will on Monday consider approving the Greater Farmington Founders Festival’s plan to bring a beer tasting event downtown.The proposal comes after some business owners and residents objected to the Festival remaining in Shiawassee Park for a second year. Hosted by The Greater Farmington Area Chamber of Commerce, the Festival is scheduled July 9-12, a week earlier than usual.According to the submitted plan, the July 11 beer tasting would be held in the Walter Sundquist Farmington Pavilion and Riley Park. Access would be restricted to the parking lot entrance at Grove Street (southeast side).Also on Monday’s 7 p.m. agenda:a second Founders Festival event permit, for a fireworks display at dusk on July 11a public hearing required before submitting a grant application to help fund improvements at Drake Park that include parking lot improvements, widening and extending a walking path, removal of tennis courts and fencing, and replacing four sets of bleacherspurchase of a new Public Safety vehicle (2020 Ford Explorer)award a bid for the Bel-Aire Sanitary Sewer Lining Project to Pipeline Management Company IncorporatedOfficials will also hold a 6 p.m. meeting that includes a closed session to discussed privileged communication from the city attorney. Agendas and supporting materials for both meetings are posted at information about how to join the meeting and participate in public comment, visit,-2020.aspx Reported bylast_img read more

Lake Erie Monsters Western Conference Finals Podcast: California Knows How to Party

first_img Matt Medley Matt Medley is co-editor at NEO Sports Insiders, covers the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians and high school sports in Northeast Ohio.Follow @MedleyHoops on Twitter for live updates from games. Related TopicsLake Erie Monsterscenter_img Matt Medley and Eli Moon of NEO Sports Insiders caught up to talk about the Lake Erie Monsters impressive two games in Ontario, California, in which they took a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals.Matt and Eli discuss the Monsters amazing playoff run and what to look for in the coming games.last_img read more

Start Times for Indians-Astros Games One and Two Announced

first_img Matt Loede Matt Loede has been a part of the Cleveland Sports Media for over 21 years, with experience covering Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, the National Football League and even high school and college events. He has been a part of the Cleveland Indians coverage since the opening of Jacobs/Progressive Field in 1994, and spent two and a half years covering the team for 92.3 The Fan, and covers them daily for Associated Press Radio. You can follow Matt on Twitter HERE. Related TopicsALDSAstrosIndiansThecenter_img The Indians and Astros will be in the afternoon both Friday and Saturday, as today Major League Baseball announced start times for all playoff games through Sunday.Friday’s game at Minute Maid Park will be a 2:05pm first pitch, while Saturday’s first pitch will be at 4:37pm.The times for the Monday and Tuesday (if necessary) playoff games in Cleveland will likely announced by Saturday, but it’s been rumored that Monday will be either a 1pm or 4pm first pitch at Progressive Field.last_img read more